Lazarus Journal
Newest Member

We have just returned from the Monastery to the far south. Liefe past the test that granted us access to the library that contained the the portal to the Library of Bandar. The second gave us a clue as to where another library is. This library is far to the west on the Island of Hermea which will be our next destination.

Master Draconis has provided us with a trap master. In my opinion the man is nothing more than a money grubbing thief that’ll do just about anything to turn a profit. His name is Theon and is apart of an underground network. He seems to be resourceful

Ariona's Thoughts
Shortly after introducing himself Theon asked the party what our next move is going to be. We told him that we will be heading to the island of Hermea, and that we will be teleporting to Calaphis a nearby port city to reach Hermea. Theon seemed apprehensive at first since he was not familiar with teleporting, but we assured him it will be fine. After teleporting a ways outside the city we became quickly surrounded by a thick darkness, and I could hear voices chanting the words you will pay for your trespass. I knew there was something wrong the voices were speaking the abyssal language mainly otherworldly creatures or beings can speak it. The darkness almost seemed solid in some areas with glowing eyes piercing you with a unwelcoming stare, I could see the outline of figures eight in all chanting in unison the same words over and over. I tried to use my knowledge of otherworldly creatures to identify them, but it was as if the darkness was clouding my mind I couldn’t come up with any other details other than they are not from the material plane. I asked them what they wanted from us the shadowy group replied that they want blood or power to pay for our trespass, when I asked them what power do they speak of the words seemed to escape me as if they were never uttered. So it seemed the price to pay was blood Lazerus was the first to take action casting lightning at the shadows, but it did not seem to faze them at all I knew magic was not going to be effective against them. The eight surrounded us lashing and biting at our party every strike I could feel the cold touch of death on their claws. The majority seemed to be attacking Alon and Lazerus, but the remanents went after me and our druid we were not equipped well to slay them by ourselves but help did not come for me until I fell. When I woke up the battle was over and the darkness dissipated, we gathered the spooked horses and continued to Calaphis. After entering the city Lazerus contacted the mayor Zyr Whisperfoot, but found out later that he was in a meeting and we would have to wait for a audience. So the party split up doing their business while they waited, I went to the library for information on demons since that is one of my studies that I participate in. My future goals are to become a master wizard and a keeper of knowledge, I wish to study all the libraries that have been kept from sight for ages, and share all this hidden knowledge throughout the world. After a few hours we all regrouped and headed to the city hall where we will be able to talk to Zyr. We explained that we needed information about Hermea and who could transport us over there. Zyr agreed to help as long as Lazerus owed him a favor, our leader quickly gave in most likely due to impatience and hatred towards Zyr. Zyr then contacted Tara Ironside a sailor who trades with the isle from time to time to escort us to Hermea. She was perfectly fine transporting us over but she needed something to trade if she was to make the journey, Theon mentioned kegs of fine brandy and a couple kegs for the trip there. Theon then took Tara by the arm and walked to the marketplace for negotiations for the kegs to be put on the ship. Theon came back that evening and told us by tomorrow morning we can set sail so we stayed that night and waited for sunrise. The next morning we boarded the ship and sailed down the river to the open sea, the nice clear and calm water gently rocked the velvets hand the vessel we are on. We are now only a few days out from Hermea, I can’t wait to gain entry so I can once again see the magnificent collection of books inside the library.
Theon's Insight
Second Entry

The group has decided to speed up our operation, we will teleport to Caliphas in order to seek out a Mayor Wisperfoot for information on Hermea. I was somewhat apprehensive to use a magical staff to travel a great distance and with good reason. We appeared on the stretch of road North of Caliphas a good mile or more outside the city. As I tried to orientate myself to my new surroundings, a darkness started to form around us, spooking the horses to the point of forcing most of the party to dismount. Alondarial was thrown from her horse as it bolted away. Soon I heard voices seemingly all around us speaking in a language only Ariona could understand. She informed us they wanted Blood or Power for trespassing. These voice kept chanting the same words from the darkness, but Ariona was unable to explain what power they sought or how we trespassed. I attempted to sneak through the darkness on the side of my horse which finally forced the voices to reveal themselves to me. A shadowy demon like creature formed and shouted, sending a cold shiver down my back, I would not shake this feeling for some time. In seconds, seven more demons surrounded the party. Lazarus acted first, using his magic to summon lightning, striking two of the foul creatures. Followed by Alon releasing a hail of her arrows toward another. I had not even got my wits about me as Leife sprinted across the battlefield to fight beside Lazarus, leaving Alon and Ariona completely exposed. I was fortunate enough to avoid the attention of the demons as they proceed to claw and bite my new friends before I could react. Three demons descended on Alon, fortunately one completely miscalculated his attack and found himself confused and on the other side of the blockade, shooting past me in a flash. Ariona and Azaelia both found themselves victims to the winged shadows, having to stand their own. Azaelia called a pillar of flame from the sky striking the demon in front of her. Shockingly this didn’t kill the creature, so I knew I had to quickly assist our Druid. I was able to flank the dark intruder, my lock pick finding a home in its back. Even with the lack of blood present, I knew my blow was effective. Ariona used her magic persuasions to speed the party, I could feel my swiftness increase allowing me to strike my opponents twice as fast.
As the battle proceeded, the creatures slowly were dispatched, which physical attacks seeming more effective than magic against the other world demons. I suspect they have either immunities or resistances to the electric, cold and fire my group hurled at them. My precision, Alon’s arrows and Leife fists proved the better solution to our problem. At one point, despite Leife finally realizing that Ariona needed his help far more than our leader Lazarus, Ariona fell to the ground. Leife had tried to distract the creature with his blows, but not before the claws tore through Ariona’s fragile frame. Lazarus reviled his ability to morph into a dragon form himself, perhaps he finally realized the claws and bites from a dragon would speed our victory over his spells. With no further victims falling in battle, we defeated the eight shadows and Azaelia went to work healing our group with her magic of nature. Ariona was alive and stood up, we were all safe for now. If this is what teleporting is like, I think I will stick to more traditional modes of transportation.

Caliphas at last. Lazarus asked for an immediate audience with the mayor as I excused myself to find out if Nathan was able to find any information for me. After a short trip to the savory side of town and a silly little passcode, I was able to learn of Men-Kar, the leader of Hermea and golden dragon. With his counsel of thirteen he has created his own private euphoria where only the summoned worthy individual may enter his lands. This makes researching at the library he protects a bit more difficult. We will need to play this out with a well thought out plan.
I made it back to the mayor’s office in time, the party still waiting for their audience. Mayor Whisperfoot is quite the character, I have encountered his kind many times before. Lazarus seemed completely unwilling to negotiate with Zyr, instead just giving into his every demand without a fight. Zyr seemed almost disappointed at how easy it was to manipulate our leader, like a child bored with an old toy. My objections were dismissed and silenced by Laz, who became annoyed at any attempt to use diplomacy or negotiation techniques. Laz just simply promised to owe Zyr a favor, no details, limitations or value placed on such a trade. Strange behavior, does Zyr hold something over this group?
Some good did come out of our relationship with the mayor, he introduced us to the captian of the ship that would take us to Hermea, Tara Ironside. A striking woman who shared my appreciation of brandy and fully willing to use her charms for a mutual night out on the town. Tara and I spent the day purchasing the brandy we would trade in Hermea and later enjoying fine food and beverages together. I returned to the group who was staying at the mayor’s mansion and informed them I had secured the twelve kegs of brandy for our journey and the Velvet Hand would be ready to set sail the next day. Lazarus unwilling to trust me just yet, accompanied me to pay for the brandy as if his contribution of carrying bags of gold helped me in some way. If we followed his lead, we would have spent 150 GP more for the same quality of brandy. Either this group doesn’t mind wasting Drakkonus’ money or they have no skills at marketplace negotiations. I am starting to understand why Drakkonus asked me to accompany his apprentices and why they have yet to retrieve a single dragon shard.
I spent the rest of the evening loading the brandy on the ship myself, so the crew wouldn’t have to. I also made sure to introduce myself to the crew. Good will is going to be needed if the demeanor of our leader is any indication of how future interactions will go. The last thing you want to do is find yourself on the wrong side of an angry crew in the middle of the ocean. Even if I can’t teach the value of generosity to my companions, they will benefit from my efforts nonetheless. That or I will be alone on the docks of Promise looking for a new team to carry out the mission. Drakkonus would not be pleased to receive such a report.

Several days of river sailing has finally lead us to the open sea. In just a few more days we will arrive at the docks of Promise. There is a lack of communication in this group, although we have almost of week of peaceful travel, there has been no attempt to form a plan or even get to know each other better. I think I have grown closer to the crew of the Velvet Hand more than the crew I am working with. Perhaps I spend too much time analyzing my fellow shard hunters, but I can’t help but shake the feeling something is wrong. It is late, I will rest my mind for the night, tomorrow is a new day, I wonder what adventures the open ocean will bring us…

Lazarus' Log
Out at sea

We embarked from Master Nit Suit’s temple of the Dragon Fist first thing in the morning. The captain informed us that it’d be roughly a two week journey to the island the library was located.

Unfortunately it had been a while since I last had to travel by sea. I was sea sick for days a rather unpleasant experience. The group came to the conclusion that having one of the party be on watch over night was in our best interest. As I was recovering our young wizard companion was attempting to divine if any of our items had some sort of scrying spell cast on it. She however was unable to find any new information on any of the items. Not overly surprised by that notion.

A few days passed with no issue but the night Ki was on watch a pirate ship was off in the distance. We followed it but kept our distance and veered off to the side cutting through a channel to the south east.

A couple more nights past and Ki was on watch again this time we were boarded by Sahuagin. They harbored an unnatural hatred for men and wished for the captains vessel. It started with only a handful of them attacking Ki by the time we arrived there were a couple of their champions aboard the boat. My first instinct was to take flight and so I did. They took the opportunity to stab me in the back with harpoon like weapons. This irritated me and so i turned into a dragon after I blasted several of them with my ice breath. That took care of a couple of them but hit Ki in the process Liefe was able to get out of the way. After they fell two more champions boarded along with what we discovered was a prince. Ki and myself took on the remaining champion while they rest of the party fought the prince. He was a formidable foe with four arms and a rather large stature. The wizard for the first time I can recollect was useful. She used several means to weaken the target assisting in the rest of the party helping take prince to the ground and continue their attack. I was attacking with my dragon form though the mast prevented me from utilizing my claws and of course my wings.

The champion realized his prince was in danger so he ran grabbed him and dove into the ocean. I inturn did the same thing and dove into the water under the boat and swam after them. I found that dragons are quite good swimmers. With the last of my breath attacks in my dragon form I shot a massive cone of ice at them. It managed to do enough damage to kill them. I burst from the ocean and took to the sky. I returned to the boat shortly after. The rest of the trip to the island was rather uneventful. The captain was rather grateful and was willing to be our fare back to Nit Suits’ temple.

The monks of the island were rather receptive to our coming. One monk in particular was rather helpful a Matsue. He seemed to be the grounds keeper for the temple and well respected by many. We couldn’t see Master Shen immediately he was in the middle of a week long meditation and had two more days till it was completed. We waited and they were more than accommodating.

After two days had passed Matsue retrieved Liefe but Liefe asked I come along. We met with Master Shen and Liefe asked if we could have access to the library as well as questions if others had the draw to the Dragon Shards. It isn’t my place to discuss his answers further. But to gain access he had to pass the challenge. They began to fight and Liefe won rather one sided but once Master Shen got back to his feet there wasn’t a scratch on him. Liefe passed the test to beat himself and gained us access to the library. We went down into the library and discussed the portals and how to use them. Master Shen then revealed another Library to the far east. The Library of Hope on the Island of Hermea. It will be a long journey but time is of the essence and we cannot afford to fail.

Ariona's Log
After speaking with Master Nit Suit of the Dragonfist Temple, we set out for the Tiger’s Eye Monastery the location of the library connected to the Black Dragonshard Nit Suit is guarding. We restocked our supplies and started boarding the Maiden’s Dagger run by Captain Smith, the smuggler who has been transporting us across the sea. Captain Smith said it will take about 2 weeks to reach the Monastery since we can’t travel the regular trade routes. It was a rather uneventful trip other than looking over our party’s goods for any unusual magics that didn’t belong. So in turn I had plenty of time to daydream of course that is for me to know and nobody else to find out. Half way through the trip we hit a heavy storm it was really uncomfortable I was getting used to the nice weather. But the storm was the least of our worries later down the line we were ambushed by a raiding party of Sahuagin and amongst them was a prince of the royal family, not sure why he would be in these parts royalty typically doesn’t do this kind of work. We have finally reached dry land now, and as we are leaving the ship we are greeted by Mr. Faeng a monk at the Monastery. He then escorts us to the top of the temple so we can rest from our long journey. We ask Faeng who we must speak with to gain entry to the library, he then points over to a man that seems to be in a deep meditation. Faeng says he will not be ready for another 2 days, so you may stay until Master Shen is ready to see you. After 2 days Master Shen comes over to welcome us and asks how can I assit you. We tell him about our journey from The Dragonfist Temple and how Nit Suit says you can help us enter the library located here. Shen agrees to let us inside the library if Liefe proves himself worthy of entering. The rest of us stay behind until Faeng comes and escorts us down to the library, where we meet back up with Liefe and Shen. We do not stay very long I have barely enough time to write the signs above the portal and the name of the next library we shall be traveling to. Then Shen does a series of gestures and places an object near the portal activating it. We travel through the portal and find ourselves back at Bandar, where we find Master Drakkonus studying. Master Drakkonus then takes me and Lazarus into a room so we can share what we have found out these past couple of months. After sharing what we have found out, Master Drakkonus brings in a man named Theon a master locksmith that will be joining us for the rest of our journey.
Theon's Thoughts
First Passage

Drakkonus seems to have assembled a team to research and collect the Dragon shards. He is convinced the Wizard’s Guild can protect the remaining Dragon shards with the help of Katapesh masters. Our reputation with finding and securing ancient artifacts has reached all the way to Tamrievna. Master Smoke has agreed to loan my skills to Drakkonus, not sure what he is getting out of the deal?

After several weeks of waiting to meet the Shard Hunters, they have returned to the Library of Bandar. I was introduced to Lazarus and Ariona first, the two apprentices of Drakkonus. Lazarus seemed somewhat unsure why my skills are needed at first. He quickly hid any doubt from Drakkonus and welcomed the thought of having a locksmith join his group, almost trying to persuade himself as he spoke the words. “Great, I am sure we will but your skills to the test”. Ariona is meek and uncomfortable around Drakkonus, unsure of her answers. Is it intimidation or admiration of her master?

Lazarus mentioned a library located on the Island of Hermea. Library of Hope. I confirmed with Lazarus this will be our intended destination. I will do my best to keep the group focused since it is clear Drakkonus is not happy with the progress thus far. After meeting the rest of the members, Azaelia, A****,Liefe, Ki and Rotskin, I offered to help procure a method of transportation. Carriage, Horses, anything to expedite our journey. To earn my place and trust with this group, I will need to be useful early in the relationship. I am sure in time, they will come to appreciate my ability to acquire resources and information.

Isle of Erran to the Temple of the Dragon Fist
Post Game Summary

The Temple
After speaking with the masters of the temple of the dragon fist, the party boarded the Maiden’s Dagger again to travel south to the Tiger’s Eye Monastery to find the library.

At Sea
It took a few days for the entire crew to get their sea legs, but once they got used to the fresh ocean breeze they started helping out on deck. They even shared night watch with the crew to ensure everything was going well.

Captain Smith has navigated these waters for years and intended to keep a low profile. He had hoped to split the strait between the eastern shore and the Yanimere Islands, but a massive storm rolling in made it too risky. He instead headed towards the larger opening traveled more often as part of the trade routes.

Ghost Ship
Upon nearing the narrowest gap of the straight a ship was seen off the cost, near the Gardens of Shepeska. It had no flag flying and seemed to be tracking at an angle that would eventually intercept the Maiden’s Dagger.

Captain Smith and crew opened up their sails and pointed the ship southeast and left the larger ship linger on the western coast.

Sahuagin Raiding Party
A few more days passed uneventful. After navigating the narrow strait between the Black Sands and Stonespine Island they boat was attacked by a Sahuagin Raiding party in the middle of the night.

The battle was fierce as they party battled a large four armed merman with a few larger two armed ones assisting. There were numerous smaller ones running about on the deck. Mass confusion struck the party and crew. The close quarters made it where hand to hand combat was about the only option.

Lazarus changed into dragon form, but had a hard time fighting the Sahuagin due to his size and the sails of the ship getting in the way. The space was so cramped it was difficult for any area-effect spells to be cast.

Ki was beaten badly, but was only saved by his use of vampiric touch, sapping life back from his opponents.

Ariona was able to use her spellcraft to weaken the four armed juggernaut as well as hasten the party. Without her quick wit, the battle may have turned another way.

Once the party had dispatched the majority of the larger mermen, the four armed on and one of the champions dove overboard in an attempt to escape. Lazarus, still in dragon form, dove below the water and pursued them. Eventually getting close enough to dispatch the two fleeing creatures.

Captain Smith and his crew stayed below deck as the party fought fiercely. At the end of it all, one man from the Maiden’s Dagger was lost overboard.

Tiger’s Eye Monastery
At the monastery, the party was welcomed and treated to a warm meal and beds. Master Shen was still in the middle of a long meditative trance, so the party waited until he was complete.

Master Shen met with Liefe and tested his worthiness in a kung-fu battle. Lazarus was there to observe. His style completely emulated Liefe’s, it was like watching Liefe fight a mirror image of himself. Liefe proved the victor. As his reward, Master Shen took him to the library beneath the compound. He showed him the portal, and the symbols indicating the destination libraries. One portal symbol matched the Library of Bandar. The other was said to go to the library on the Island of Hermea.

The Portal
Once the party got back together, they activated the portal. Draconus, saw the portal activate while he was in Bandar, and completed the steps required to create the portal – the party stepped through and were instantly transported to the Library of Bandar.

Draconus was very pleased that the group had successfully found a library and were able to activate it. Lazarus and Ariona met with Draconus and told them about their findings. Sharing the drawings of the portal that Ariona made while still at the Tiger’s Eye Monastery.

Draconus introduces Theon to the group and informs Lazarus and Ariona that he is joining to help collect the shards.

Ki and Rotgut decide that they will stay at the Keep of Bandar and help Draconus as necessary.

The party starts to make preparations to head to Hermea.

Kravenkus to the Temple of the DragonFist

Post-Game Summary:
The part left from Kravenkus towards the Temple of the DragonFist. Planning to catch a ride from Oppara to Escadar – from there head to the temple.

During the first night the band created camp in an interdimensional space using the “rope trick” spell. A band of a dozen scrappy men were seen traveling north up the road by Lazarus during his watch from their safe vantage point.

Azalea took the next shift and saw a group of four (4) hooded humanoids on horseback travel north as well. One of the hooded figures took notice to the portal entrance. They looped around and started to observe it from the far side of the road.

The party attacked – Azalea and Liefe dropped out of the portal, onto the ground in an attempt to ambush the figure watching them. They proved to slow as the hooded man summoned a portal of magical energy next to him and stepped through. Liefe sprinted across the road and jumped through the portal before it closed. Ariana sees the crackling portal and immediately knows it to be a dimension door spell, which she uses regularly to charge the staff.

[ Liefe battles draconians ]

[ Lazarus battles town guard – kills all but 3. Ki runs down last rider and Liefe kills 2 remaining soldiers ]

[ The rest of the party teleports to the draconian battle and are attached by two (2) shadow creatures. ]

The party takes the captured town guard to Oppara, get him completely drunk and give him to the town guard to sleep it off.

Ki trades the horses acquired from the draconians to a small shop in town in exchange for direct passage to the Temple of DragonFist.

Captain Smith welcomes the group onto the Maiden’s Dagger, a smuggler ship that runs unconventional jobs. Captain Smith owed the shop-keep a favor, and is more than willing to settle the score. The Captain is completely blunt and honest about what him and his crew do, and let the party know that they will be traveling outside of normal trade routes and will be avoiding any other sea faring vessels.

Within a couple of days, the Maiden’s Dagger settled upon the docks of the monk temple. Captain Smith promises to stay moored for a couple of days while they get what they need from the temple. Then he will be traveling on to Absalom where he has other business to attend to.

The party is escorted from the docs to the main temple by an unimposing man named Feng. He glides across the ground and up the 1000 stone steps carved through the side of the mountain. The stairs lead from the waterfront up into the main courtyard. Stone carvings of heroes of old and martial art masters are inset in hard side walls of the staircase.

Once in the courtyard, many groups are seen practicing in different gazebos around the grand yard. Across the spanning field is the largest building in the complex, the temple.
Feng leads them up the stairs and into the quite stillness of the central sanctuary.

A man sits in front of you with a hood pulled low over his head staring straight out through you. A few minutes linger by, the wind stands still. In a slow, graceful motion, the sitting monk’s practiced hands lower his hood, revealing a clean shaven face and scalp. He looked well-kept with his thin and chiseled chin. Dark amber eyes look up to meet your gaze. “Welcome… I am Nit Suit”.

[Players meet Nit Suit. He tells them of the Dragonshards, and that he is the protector of a shard. He also shares that there is a library in Jalmeray]

Nitix, Demon-Slayer
Adventures of a group way over their heads

When I said the next leader would be more difficult, this is not what I had in mind. Really though, I don’t think this was a leader. I think the sand people stay very far from this room, and they have good reason to. After a brief respite, we continued on.

We encountered a room with a magical lake. The group had been nervous about floods, but as we were walking upward, I told them that we wouldn’t walk up into a flooded cavern, that’d be silly! I ate those words in record time. The lake was held in place by some sort of magic. It didn’t seem like hostile magic though, we were able to move through it with relative ease. The druid was able to cast water-breathing on us, that helped. She seemed to be having a hard time swimming though, that was odd. I was upfront that I couldn’t swim, I’m in full armor! We rigged up some ropes and made quick work of it anyway.

As we went on, I made a mistake. I wasn’t watching where I was going, and I stepped on a plate trigger. In a blink of an eye, harpoons shot out of the wall. Thank Iomadae for my helmet, it took two of them. That could have been the end of me right there. The rest of me wasn’t so lucky though. I took one to the gut, and one in the foot. After a brief moment of searing pain, the real danger started. They started retracting. Hard. I quickly yanked off my helmet, scratching my face pretty badly with the protruding tips. The rest of the party reacted quickly, trying to jam the chains so they couldn’t retract further. Once they accomplished that, the druid rusted away the harpoons. I’m worried I may get sick from it, but so far I seem okay. Thankfully I’m versed in the healing arts, because I would not have been able to walk on my foot otherwise.

Carrying on, we encountered some sort of prison. There were a host of creatures, in obviously poor state, being held. Among them were Drow and Druegar. While they were obviously suffering, these are evil creatures. After a quick assessment, we decided it would be best to deal with what was imprisoning these creatures before deciding what to do with them, so we moved on.

It didn’t take us long to figure out what the problem was. In the other room was an iron demon. We started our usual routine of fireballs and other magic, only to see it all fall flat. That’s when a piece of my training echoed in my mind: Outsiders are resistant to Magic. The demon moved with unnatural speed, and was in our faces before we could properly react. It whipped around daggers on chains, leaving massive slashing wounds. It didn’t take much to show us we were outmatched, so we teleported away. Very useful device, that staff. We teleported back to our keep, to regroup and recover. After spending a considerable amount of time planning, we settled on a tactic. We teleported back into the room, and let fly. The Elf-Lizard let loose with a could spell of some sort, to flush the demon out. Sure enough, out it came. He then transformed into a dragon(!!) and let loose a blast of cold that chilled the whole room. The ranger, who we bolstered with all the magic we had available to us, let loose a hail of arrows that landed with ear-splitting cracks. We stood for about half a minute under the demon’s onslaught. While it was starting to look unstable, we were in worse shape, so we teleported out. I channeled divine power and brought us back to fighting shape, then after just a few moments, we teleported back in to surprise the fiend. Out went another cold blast, out went another hail of arrows. After a few tense seconds, down it went. There was a brief pause, then it vanished. Ki, undeterred, jumped to the spot where it fell, and stabbed his sword clean through the foul creature. It blinked back into visibility, and we treated it to a few more stabs to make sure.

After that we too—- Remainder of page charred

The Mines of the Desert People

I haven’t logged in my journal as of late. Where we are now is we agreed to help rotskin acquire a shield. To do that we agreed to help the dwarves of Kravenkus get their mine back. We camped for the night with the dwarves. Ki was able to obtain invaluable information from a Dwarf. The Dwarf drew us a rough map of what they had carved out.

The morning came quick and we departed to that mine. A guard stood in front of the entrance or at least that’s what we thought. Ki however didn’t stop and passed through the creature at the entrance. We followed him shortly after we realized it wasn’t real. The first chamber we encountered a sand elemental and defeated it with ease. Then came to a T in the mines we went right and found a room filled with scorpions. I personally roasted them with a fireball. We turned and then stumbled across a rough corridor that the Dwarves hadn’t made or noted for us to see. The light we we’re using was snuffed out by magic these sand people used. They cast darkness and are accustomed to using it to their advantage. It threw off our party as we didn’t know how to counter it at the time. We managed to kill the sand people some exploded in bursts of light others burst into flames. After they explode the only evidence that is left of them is their clothing. We took minimal damage but we tensed at what we didn’t understand. Some of the party casting blindly and spells they didn’t fully understand. We honestly hurt ourselves more than our foes had. We proceeded into the unknown hallway into an opening. We managed to kill off all that could warn the rest of the mines. We began to debate which way we should go and we started to waste time and aggravate one another. Azaelia went ahead and took things into her own hands and yelled down an attached corridor. Ki snapped at her and cast magic missile doing a little damage. She returned by shooting a scorching ray at him. She hit with one of the rays our ranger friend got between them and broke up the fight. I personally was enjoying the spectacle. Creatures began to pour into the room and we all grabbed hold of one another as Ki teleported us out of the cavern.

As night fell a representative came out of the cave and waited to be approached. I approached alone and attempted to talk with him. Common tongue did not work. He held out his hand and cut it. His blood dripped upon the sand. Not sure how to communicate I did the same thing. He drew a line between us and motioned us to leave. I attempted to speak draconic to him. It worked and he had told me that the dwarves have not been in that cave for over two years without incident from them either. Needless to say our first encounter did not go well. Our group talked and we realigned me as leader.

We decided to grab Liefe from the village and bring him with us for our second encounter. We entered slowly and methodically. We cleared what little we had cleared the first time. We followed the map this time though. At the gem room we encountered a giant spider that attacked Liefe


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