Ariona's Journal

New journey to Tamrivena

Day 1
My mentor Izkrael finally gave me a task farther away from the main city of Kyonin. I heard that a orcish army was going to attack the city but a dragon ended up destroying the army it is strange that a dragon would be so close. I have been sent to the wizard tower Tamrivena to deliver a scroll, and talk to a apprentice that witnessed a orc army outside the city. I am going to memorize some spells in case I need them for the journey who knows if you are going to run across something in the wilds. The mages guild Ladara has hired a mercenary to escort me to Tamrivena in case I run into trouble.

Day 2
p. While riding towards Tamrivena we came across a rather large wolf feasting on a deer it seemed quite upset and became aggressive. The mercenary tried to calm it down so we could avoid confrontation with the beast but he was unsuccessful. So we had to put it down after it started attacking then my escort noticed wolf tracks on the ground so he decided we should look for its liar. After about a mile we finally found it so we entered the cave to slay the rest of the pack so it would be safer for any travelers about this path. After killing the rest of the wolfs we skinned them and found a decent amount of gold in the cave then, we decided to camp there for the night and would continue later.

The mercenary seem like he knew his way around battle he did a good job keeping me out of danger. Though he missed a few attacks every so often not sure if he was used to fighting wolves. Other than that he was quite skilled in combat he was definitely useful it seems I will get to the tower just fine. He seems to be skilled in the wilderness and with weapons and can cast a spell or two I wonder what else he is capable of? Even with him assisting me one of the wolfs took a nasty bite out of me it hurt quite a bit hopefully it heals soon.


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