Arionas Journal 7

After leaving the city of Alamas, we heard the sound of gnolls again it is all too familiar. We ambushed 3 gnolls outside guarding the entrance then we entered the cavern. It was rather steep going down we found what looked to be a dining room for the gnolls and we wiped all of them out. We turned left looking inside the cavern and left again. We then found ourselves staring at these monstrous looking gnolls, they were not normal. There were three giant gnolls with hooks in their chests all chained together. Then we see three hooded figures chanting in some sort of ritual around these dark liquid. As Ki looked around the room while invisible he noticed 30 gnolls in a trancelike state. I felt uneasy around it and I don’t know what was going on at that moment. We killed the mages and the 30 gnolls easily but the mutated gnolls were stronger than we thought. As soon as we killed the mages they started pulling the chain with all their might. They might be pulling out something out of the dark water? We managed to take down all of the gnolls but we were too late, a giant hand comes out and starts pulling itself up. It looked strange it was definitely not from this world we need to stop it. While we attacked the monster a shadow formed over it and it tried to grapple Liefe. But the necklace of animal teeth started glowing and he feel from its grip. It managed to pull itself out of the water and it was a demon. luckily for us we beat it up pretty good while it was trying to get into our plane and we killed it. We were slightly fatigued after the battle and discussed about out next action. Liefe started scouting the cave to determine if we should leave or rest up in here. He came back and said he found a large green dragon and multiple draconians throughout the cave. We decided to leave because our horses were still outside and we didn’t want to be discovered. We charged to the forest as fast as the horses would go putting as much ground as we could away from the cave. Shortly after we entered the forest centaurs surrounded us and asked why we were inside the forest. We told them about our quest and what we saw inside the cave, the group of centaurs got nervous and started talking to each other. They said to follow them to their camp and talk to the elders. We told the chieftain everything and about the demon summoning. He called out the “witch” and she casted a couple spells and started talking. She went to the chieftain and told him the prophecy is true and how we speak the truth. The chieftain offered us food drink and rest for telling him this. Then he called us back in and wanted to offer us support to get to the library. We flew on giant eagles to a area around where Bandar is supposed to be. We traveled to a forest ahead of us and camped for the night. I was woken up because undead started attacking the camp. We defeated them but ki was badly injured from the wraith that attacked him. Our druid gave him a magical fruit and in a couple of hours he was fine. We continued onward to the forest, upon entering this forest it was unusually thick we tried to go around It but we seem to be going in circles. After a while we decided to stand close to each other and follow our druid through the forest. We walked through the thick part and the landscape changed dramatically everything……. was dead. I got a really bad sense of dread and it affected the rest of our group. I studied the magics here it was very dark necromantic magic. Ki said he saw the library with the special mask he wore he walked to it but we could not see it. Then he started floating like he was on invisible stairs, we followed him up and I could feel stone under my feet. Then Ki opened up the door and it appeared we finally made it to the Library Of Bandar.


rdeverett drake_freitas

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