Ki's Journal

To the Tamrivena Tower

Day 1
The Iadara Tower sent a messenger requesting me to appear today. Don’t really feel like seeing them since they haven’t been able to help me figure out what’s wrong. There was promise for work, and I need the money, so I’ll go…just to see what they want.

Seems they want me to escort some young apprentice to the Tamrivena tower to investigate the rumors of war in Caliphas. Evidently there is a mage there that may have been near the incident. I’ll gladly take their money, but I’m more interested in talking to another group of wizards that may be able to help me with this sickness. Hope to get some answers there…

Day 2
Left the tower today on horseback with the new kid. She seems good enough, but would probably get eaten alive without someone to watch him. Speaking of eaten alive, we ran into a large wolf eating a dear in the middle of the road today. It was not happy to have its meal interrupted and attacked.

Once we dispatched it, thought it was best to scout the area and see if there were more, wouldn’t want other travelers to become victim to an ambush. About a mile from the road we found a cave serving as a lair for three other wolves. Have since learned they are know as Dire Wolves. Larger than an ordinary wolf and they hit hard.

The girl did good and we were able to dispatch them timely – though I had some problems hitting the pesky things, good thing I had my magics to protect me. Ended up getting chewed on a bit and had to spend the next day in their lair recovering.

She was helpful, stayed back when it wasn’t safe, but wasn’t afraid of the action either. Looks like she has a good head on her shoulder. We ended up finding a bunch of coins from some travelers that the wolves got the best of and I ended up with three nice wolf pelts too. Hope to sell those at the next town we run into along the way.


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