Ki's Journal 6

Raja the Gypsy

In the forest with the Treant. Heading south to get to Amos to meet the Gypsy trader.

Goblin Encampment – battled a couple dozen goblins.

Druid was able to commune with nature to reconnect to a familiar. Now a small dragon fledgling is part of the group.

When traveling through a barren area we spotted some Orcs on the horizon. They attempted to force a toll by threatening to release a captured beast they had. Trying an old ranger trick, I attempted to call their bluff by convincing them we had an invisible creature that we would let loose if they didn’t let us pass. Stupid orcs bought it.

Later that night, we were attacked by giant lizards. Don’t recall who was on watch, but one of the pesky creatures was able to grab Leif and run off with him. Fortunately we were able to kill it before it was able to take Leif to its lair for a fine meal.

@Saurton – Slept in an inn for the first time in days. We were warned of wandering gnolls to the south. Probably indicates more gnoll / draconian activity.

Continued travel, uneventful.

@Carpenden – Stayed at another inn. Due to the distance and everyone being afraid of traveling, we offered our services as caravan guards in exchange for a ride to Almos. We met with Gregor who promised to arrange a meeting with Raja. Randal was also introduced to us as the wagon master for the caravan.

One night, three days after leaving Carpenden, we were ambushed by a couple dozen gnolls and two draconians. The battle was fast and furious. Attacking from two fronts, while we were broken down for camp gave them a huge advantage. We were able to get everyone up quickly and were soon able to deal with the problem at hand. We had a few close calls, but were able to dispatch all but one draconian. That draconian vanished in thin air and retreated. I’m sure we’ll hear from it again.

Heard something from the dragon-mage in our group that the disappearing draconian had accused him of being a traitor of his own kind.

@Amos – finally made to the city where we were to find the gypsy Raja. We rested up at a local inn called the Wheel Break Inn and prepared to meet the mysterious lady gypsy.

We attempted to meet the eccentric lady on our terms by leaving the majority of the party behind to watch the magical knocker. Meanwhile Leif, the dragon man, and myself attempted to get a face to face with Raja. Her ship was docked in a shady part of the harbor and well-guarded. Our scouting party approached and introduced ourselves to the sturdy sailors at the dock. Soon we were escorted into her presence by one of her crewmen.

She knew that we weren’t all to be had in our group and asked us to return, with our entire party and the magical door knocker the next night. We attempted to continue the bluff, but she would have none of it and insisted we return under her terms only.

The next night, we all returned and had sat aboard her vessel, around a huge banquet table. The table was filled with all sorts of fancy eats and treats. We ate cautiously, not knowing what to expect. As the dinner progressed, it eventually slowed and the serious part of our meeting began.

We attempted to cajole information out of her to see if we could tip her hand about her need for the knocker. To discover what she knew about the library, and if she had any information around dragons, or dragon-shards.

She expertly dodged any attempt to allow us to learn anything from her. Then she presented us with a magical box. She challenged us to put our greatest possession in the box and allowed us to ask a question.

When my turn came around, I put my folded wolves cloak into the box. I asked about the disease that my mother and I am stricken with – why this damn affinity with death.

She answered that in a cryptic fashion explaining that I would know my destiny when I face it, but would not like it at all. I was then asked to retrieve my cloak from the box. When I did, it was in perfect condition and had an strange warmth about it.

Each party member followed the same process. Here’s a rough approximation of what I was able to glean:

At the end, she offered a white half mask to the party to aid in finding the library. She warned that the gift was double-sided and the person who wore the mask would pay a great price. I volunteered to wear the mask. I figured that I’m ashamed of my deathly affinity anyway – and everyone else seemed to have some major importance about them. They agreed that I could take the risk. Within seconds of putting the mask on, it fused itself to my face, making it impossible for me to remove it. It did however provide me the ability to see the world as it truly is. It is a Mask of True Sight.


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