Kravenkus to the Temple of the DragonFist

Post-Game Summary:
The part left from Kravenkus towards the Temple of the DragonFist. Planning to catch a ride from Oppara to Escadar – from there head to the temple.

During the first night the band created camp in an interdimensional space using the “rope trick” spell. A band of a dozen scrappy men were seen traveling north up the road by Lazarus during his watch from their safe vantage point.

Azalea took the next shift and saw a group of four (4) hooded humanoids on horseback travel north as well. One of the hooded figures took notice to the portal entrance. They looped around and started to observe it from the far side of the road.

The party attacked – Azalea and Liefe dropped out of the portal, onto the ground in an attempt to ambush the figure watching them. They proved to slow as the hooded man summoned a portal of magical energy next to him and stepped through. Liefe sprinted across the road and jumped through the portal before it closed. Ariana sees the crackling portal and immediately knows it to be a dimension door spell, which she uses regularly to charge the staff.

[ Liefe battles draconians ]

[ Lazarus battles town guard – kills all but 3. Ki runs down last rider and Liefe kills 2 remaining soldiers ]

[ The rest of the party teleports to the draconian battle and are attached by two (2) shadow creatures. ]

The party takes the captured town guard to Oppara, get him completely drunk and give him to the town guard to sleep it off.

Ki trades the horses acquired from the draconians to a small shop in town in exchange for direct passage to the Temple of DragonFist.

Captain Smith welcomes the group onto the Maiden’s Dagger, a smuggler ship that runs unconventional jobs. Captain Smith owed the shop-keep a favor, and is more than willing to settle the score. The Captain is completely blunt and honest about what him and his crew do, and let the party know that they will be traveling outside of normal trade routes and will be avoiding any other sea faring vessels.

Within a couple of days, the Maiden’s Dagger settled upon the docks of the monk temple. Captain Smith promises to stay moored for a couple of days while they get what they need from the temple. Then he will be traveling on to Absalom where he has other business to attend to.

The party is escorted from the docs to the main temple by an unimposing man named Feng. He glides across the ground and up the 1000 stone steps carved through the side of the mountain. The stairs lead from the waterfront up into the main courtyard. Stone carvings of heroes of old and martial art masters are inset in hard side walls of the staircase.

Once in the courtyard, many groups are seen practicing in different gazebos around the grand yard. Across the spanning field is the largest building in the complex, the temple.
Feng leads them up the stairs and into the quite stillness of the central sanctuary.

A man sits in front of you with a hood pulled low over his head staring straight out through you. A few minutes linger by, the wind stands still. In a slow, graceful motion, the sitting monk’s practiced hands lower his hood, revealing a clean shaven face and scalp. He looked well-kept with his thin and chiseled chin. Dark amber eyes look up to meet your gaze. “Welcome… I am Nit Suit”.

[Players meet Nit Suit. He tells them of the Dragonshards, and that he is the protector of a shard. He also shares that there is a library in Jalmeray]


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