Lazarus Journal Log 6

Finding Raja Shevah

Carpenden was our stop after the forest adventure. Azaelia bonded with a coward of a dragon. We came across some information that the area is dangerous and they haven’t been able to send any caravans because they were being raided by gnolls. Though oddly instead of ensuing chaos they were collecting supplies as if they were being guided like the gnolls from before. I talked with a caravan head and in exchange for assisting with getting two wagons to Almas he would set us up with a meeting with his partner there who would know where Raja is. We commenced the journey first thing in the mourning. Half way to Almas in the middle of the night we were ambushed on both sides. Groups of gnolls on either side being lead by wingless draconians. These draconians were unlike anything we’ve yet to encounter. They threw spells that equaled or rivaled my own. At some point in the battle it felt as if one was attempting to claw its way into my skull. We barely managed to survive the encounter. All the gnolls were killed and one of the draconians were. As all the other draconians had it exploded with a specific energy. The one that escaped called to me and wanted me to betray my group and switch sides. I refused and he called me a traitor to my kind. We made our way to Almas and were able to get our meeting with Raja. The first we met with her it was only myself Leif and Ki. She refused to speak with us unless the whole group was there. I reluctantly collected our group and we met with her again. She started our meeting with a chest and asking each of us to put an item in. We all took turns placing an item within it. Ki put his cloak, Azaelia put a fruit within it, Leif put his tooth necklace, Alondarial put in a wyvern venom sac, Ariona put her spellbook within it, Rotskin put he gnome hat and I put my ring of mind protection from the Mayor. She returned everyones item with magical properties except for mine. Mine she destroyed and told me I was betrayed. Along with the items we had to ask a question for her to answer. She basically told us to look within and we will find our answer. She just told me to come back after we’ve raided a few libraries. Ki placed the knocker within the chest and out came a mask that is not removable. It allows the wearer to see the unseen giving true sight. Ki took on the responsibility. We left the ship and started heading back to the Library after all this time.


rdeverett NightlessSun

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