Theon's Thoughts

First Passage

Drakkonus seems to have assembled a team to research and collect the Dragon shards. He is convinced the Wizard’s Guild can protect the remaining Dragon shards with the help of Katapesh masters. Our reputation with finding and securing ancient artifacts has reached all the way to Tamrievna. Master Smoke has agreed to loan my skills to Drakkonus, not sure what he is getting out of the deal?

After several weeks of waiting to meet the Shard Hunters, they have returned to the Library of Bandar. I was introduced to Lazarus and Ariona first, the two apprentices of Drakkonus. Lazarus seemed somewhat unsure why my skills are needed at first. He quickly hid any doubt from Drakkonus and welcomed the thought of having a locksmith join his group, almost trying to persuade himself as he spoke the words. “Great, I am sure we will but your skills to the test”. Ariona is meek and uncomfortable around Drakkonus, unsure of her answers. Is it intimidation or admiration of her master?

Lazarus mentioned a library located on the Island of Hermea. Library of Hope. I confirmed with Lazarus this will be our intended destination. I will do my best to keep the group focused since it is clear Drakkonus is not happy with the progress thus far. After meeting the rest of the members, Azaelia, A****,Liefe, Ki and Rotskin, I offered to help procure a method of transportation. Carriage, Horses, anything to expedite our journey. To earn my place and trust with this group, I will need to be useful early in the relationship. I am sure in time, they will come to appreciate my ability to acquire resources and information.


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