Ariona's Thoughts

Shortly after introducing himself Theon asked the party what our next move is going to be. We told him that we will be heading to the island of Hermea, and that we will be teleporting to Calaphis a nearby port city to reach Hermea. Theon seemed apprehensive at first since he was not familiar with teleporting, but we assured him it will be fine. After teleporting a ways outside the city we became quickly surrounded by a thick darkness, and I could hear voices chanting the words you will pay for your trespass. I knew there was something wrong the voices were speaking the abyssal language mainly otherworldly creatures or beings can speak it. The darkness almost seemed solid in some areas with glowing eyes piercing you with a unwelcoming stare, I could see the outline of figures eight in all chanting in unison the same words over and over. I tried to use my knowledge of otherworldly creatures to identify them, but it was as if the darkness was clouding my mind I couldn’t come up with any other details other than they are not from the material plane. I asked them what they wanted from us the shadowy group replied that they want blood or power to pay for our trespass, when I asked them what power do they speak of the words seemed to escape me as if they were never uttered. So it seemed the price to pay was blood Lazerus was the first to take action casting lightning at the shadows, but it did not seem to faze them at all I knew magic was not going to be effective against them. The eight surrounded us lashing and biting at our party every strike I could feel the cold touch of death on their claws. The majority seemed to be attacking Alon and Lazerus, but the remanents went after me and our druid we were not equipped well to slay them by ourselves but help did not come for me until I fell. When I woke up the battle was over and the darkness dissipated, we gathered the spooked horses and continued to Calaphis. After entering the city Lazerus contacted the mayor Zyr Whisperfoot, but found out later that he was in a meeting and we would have to wait for a audience. So the party split up doing their business while they waited, I went to the library for information on demons since that is one of my studies that I participate in. My future goals are to become a master wizard and a keeper of knowledge, I wish to study all the libraries that have been kept from sight for ages, and share all this hidden knowledge throughout the world. After a few hours we all regrouped and headed to the city hall where we will be able to talk to Zyr. We explained that we needed information about Hermea and who could transport us over there. Zyr agreed to help as long as Lazerus owed him a favor, our leader quickly gave in most likely due to impatience and hatred towards Zyr. Zyr then contacted Tara Ironside a sailor who trades with the isle from time to time to escort us to Hermea. She was perfectly fine transporting us over but she needed something to trade if she was to make the journey, Theon mentioned kegs of fine brandy and a couple kegs for the trip there. Theon then took Tara by the arm and walked to the marketplace for negotiations for the kegs to be put on the ship. Theon came back that evening and told us by tomorrow morning we can set sail so we stayed that night and waited for sunrise. The next morning we boarded the ship and sailed down the river to the open sea, the nice clear and calm water gently rocked the velvets hand the vessel we are on. We are now only a few days out from Hermea, I can’t wait to gain entry so I can once again see the magnificent collection of books inside the library.


rdeverett drake_freitas

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