Isle of Erran to the Temple of the Dragon Fist

Post Game Summary

The Temple
After speaking with the masters of the temple of the dragon fist, the party boarded the Maiden’s Dagger again to travel south to the Tiger’s Eye Monastery to find the library.

At Sea
It took a few days for the entire crew to get their sea legs, but once they got used to the fresh ocean breeze they started helping out on deck. They even shared night watch with the crew to ensure everything was going well.

Captain Smith has navigated these waters for years and intended to keep a low profile. He had hoped to split the strait between the eastern shore and the Yanimere Islands, but a massive storm rolling in made it too risky. He instead headed towards the larger opening traveled more often as part of the trade routes.

Ghost Ship
Upon nearing the narrowest gap of the straight a ship was seen off the cost, near the Gardens of Shepeska. It had no flag flying and seemed to be tracking at an angle that would eventually intercept the Maiden’s Dagger.

Captain Smith and crew opened up their sails and pointed the ship southeast and left the larger ship linger on the western coast.

Sahuagin Raiding Party
A few more days passed uneventful. After navigating the narrow strait between the Black Sands and Stonespine Island they boat was attacked by a Sahuagin Raiding party in the middle of the night.

The battle was fierce as they party battled a large four armed merman with a few larger two armed ones assisting. There were numerous smaller ones running about on the deck. Mass confusion struck the party and crew. The close quarters made it where hand to hand combat was about the only option.

Lazarus changed into dragon form, but had a hard time fighting the Sahuagin due to his size and the sails of the ship getting in the way. The space was so cramped it was difficult for any area-effect spells to be cast.

Ki was beaten badly, but was only saved by his use of vampiric touch, sapping life back from his opponents.

Ariona was able to use her spellcraft to weaken the four armed juggernaut as well as hasten the party. Without her quick wit, the battle may have turned another way.

Once the party had dispatched the majority of the larger mermen, the four armed on and one of the champions dove overboard in an attempt to escape. Lazarus, still in dragon form, dove below the water and pursued them. Eventually getting close enough to dispatch the two fleeing creatures.

Captain Smith and his crew stayed below deck as the party fought fiercely. At the end of it all, one man from the Maiden’s Dagger was lost overboard.

Tiger’s Eye Monastery
At the monastery, the party was welcomed and treated to a warm meal and beds. Master Shen was still in the middle of a long meditative trance, so the party waited until he was complete.

Master Shen met with Liefe and tested his worthiness in a kung-fu battle. Lazarus was there to observe. His style completely emulated Liefe’s, it was like watching Liefe fight a mirror image of himself. Liefe proved the victor. As his reward, Master Shen took him to the library beneath the compound. He showed him the portal, and the symbols indicating the destination libraries. One portal symbol matched the Library of Bandar. The other was said to go to the library on the Island of Hermea.

The Portal
Once the party got back together, they activated the portal. Draconus, saw the portal activate while he was in Bandar, and completed the steps required to create the portal – the party stepped through and were instantly transported to the Library of Bandar.

Draconus was very pleased that the group had successfully found a library and were able to activate it. Lazarus and Ariona met with Draconus and told them about their findings. Sharing the drawings of the portal that Ariona made while still at the Tiger’s Eye Monastery.

Draconus introduces Theon to the group and informs Lazarus and Ariona that he is joining to help collect the shards.

Ki and Rotgut decide that they will stay at the Keep of Bandar and help Draconus as necessary.

The party starts to make preparations to head to Hermea.


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